Windpower to increase in 2007

2007 should mark a year when windpower production will increase by 26% in the US according to professionals in the area at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

One third of the increase in windpower production (27%) in 2006 was built in Texas alone; this American State has the biggest windpower generation farm in the entire globe in fact, setting a new world record for energy production, 774 megawatts of electricity.

To put that kind of windpower into perspective, we have to understand that the standard windfarm windgenerator stands something like 12 meters wide, with a blade expansion of something like twice that, while one generator of average commercial size should produce around 2-2.5 megawatts of electricity.

One single megawatt of electricity is enough to power anywhere from 250-300 domestic homes.

774 megawatts generates enough windpower to supply around 200,000 homes with the needed average consumption of electricity!

The other two thirds of major windfarm projects came from Iowa, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. In 2007, that 27% of increase goes down to 26%, still a major increase in our nations domestic electricity generation.

Windpower is clean, safe for the environment and minimizes the serious impact of ecological footprints that we would be making if instead of opening windpower generation farms, we were building coal or oil burning generators.

Footprints include the initial construction phase, which clears away large roads of up to 34 feet wide, the later access road and underground energy conduits (occupying only 16 feet) and the casual wild bird that might fly into a propeller by accident.

Where we put windpower generators is another huge factor in their success, because the more wind that blows in a determined region, the more energy they produce and the major cause of bird populations to fall is actually urbanization and unchecked human activity and abusive practices on nature throughout their natural habitat.

Windpower engineers are clear about making serious observations that improve the safety and radically reduce those kinds of ecological footprints, mostly through awareness in the community.

The serious growth of windpower last year and this year due to government incentive could achieve even more growth with further leasing of five years, but it has mostly done something incredible to put those issues more clearly into the public eye.

Building a windfarm is different from building a generator for sustainability on a private scale because it feeds the already existing domestic electricity grid with dearly needed free energy, that without, would leave hundreds of thousands without power.

Why do we need that much energy? Why is the demand for power growing so rapidly in recent years?


The technocracy of this Age of Electrons has taken our civilization into an era of technical wonders and communication with ever-smaller devices that require ever increasing amounts of recharging electricity.

Simply put, cell phones, notebooks, Internet, palmtops, more and more electronic devices such as mp3 players and DVDs, insist on the growth of our energy sector!

Windpower must increase, windpower generations fights the increase in fossil fuel usage.

Increases the hope that we may save our polar icecaps from certain destruction.

Investments in hydrogen production from ocean going windfarms are could provide a 100% safe fuel that completely avoids CO2 production.

Windpower will increase by 26% in 2007, taking our nation just one step closer to self-reliance and bio-remediation through the eco-friendly power generation of tomorrow.