Wind Power

Wind Power and Human Imagination – A poetic discourse

Wind power is essentially any power that can be potentially harnessed from the wind. Sailboats, wind mills, wind turbines and wind energy all harness power from the wind. The wind… power of freedom, power for survival, power for energy, power for life and being energy efficient means never depending on any one source of energy. Electricity at present tends to depend on the antiquated network of urban distribution, hydroelectric power plants, while wind energy can provide sustainability for hybrid systems in alternative markets.

Humankind has been using wind power for over three thousand years. The earliest attempts at navigating over the open seas; sailing with nothing but a jib and a canoe, the passion for exploration and an undiscovered future. The passion for curiosity and creative invention still thrives among enthusiasts who build their very own electricity generating dynamos on recycled telephone poles with improvised wooden blades for propellers. Not that this is the entirety of wind power today, wind power is a passion that transcends the frontier of time. Wind energy is one of the simplest forms of mechanical energy, and wind turbines can transform wind energy into electrical energy or mechanical into pneumatic pressure. It’s all a matter of creative and innovative designs.

Wind energy can be an excellent source of renewable energy. It has been used for almost 1,500 years for pumping water from wells and grinding down grain. Low tech sustainability enthusiasts like to think of this kind of wind energy as one of the most cost efficient. Especially when thinking in terms of ecological footprints, as simple designs disperse less energy. The laws of thermal dynamics show that if we use wind power together with other forms of energy to power the electricity in an individual house for example, the house becomes more cost effective, not only for the house on a whole as for the city grid and even the environment. Collective, as well as private transportation could all be hooked up to an electric street grid that channels electricity, like a magnet directly into cars with multifunctional energy source adaptability (imagine hybrid electric/hydrogen for example). Hydroelectric damns can only produce so much power from the pull of gravity on water. Wind Turbines can be far more effective (regionally adaptable and expansive) when combined with a second (alternative) source of energy, such as solar, biodiesel or even the conventional hydroelectric or petrol.

Wind turbines take common wind power and convert it into electrical wind energy. The wind turns the blades that crank the shaft which spins a magnet inside a housing that creates an alternating electromagnetic field, and thus electricity. The more wind the more spins and the more electricity a wind turbine will produce. Most wind turbines used on a commercial level are built with aerodynamics and make the most of the wind power they conduct. Wind power is one of the most efficient alternative energy sources to combine with solar, especially out in the middle of a total self-sustainability project. Because when there is sun; there isn’t always wind, but when there is wind, there isn’t always sun, so the two systems (solar/wind) seem to compliment each other.

Wind power can be used to augment sustainable communities especially in windy deserts where the only place water can be found is far below the surface of the earth, or high in the mountains where the only drinking water comes from a rainbarrel. Wind power can be used to sail across the seas, sail across the desert, pump water, grind grain or generate electricity. The multiple uses of wind power from wind energy that uses low tech sustainable designs to the more complex wind turbine that produces enough electrical energy to charge 100 12volt batteries and an entire colony of non-militant peace loving utopian farmers devoted to a better world, are as limited as the human imagination. Wind power in that sense… is unlimited. The question with wind power, is if we are ready to accept it?

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