Wind Power: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm, and Business

Wind Power is a book that takes the average American through the in and out of wind as a potential resource of renewable energy for home, farm and business; written by a professional who has been hearing the word nofor almost thirty years, and yet now, his knowledge is considered one of our nations most precious resources into a more sustainable tomorrow.

Paul Gipe has been in this field for years (since the mid-70s) and offers sound advice on wind power, gliding over the understanding of this technology with explanations that are really down to earth, concrete and interestingly as it may seem, very much within everyones grasp.

What are the common mistakes people tend to make, how does this technology apply to those living on land as opposed to the traditional navel usages? What really makes off-the-grid wind power work and how can it look more pleasing to the human eye?

From small turbines to those of commercial class, for powering up to 200 American homes, Paul Gipe has been around the industry from America to Europe for some three decades and it seems that only now people are willing to listen; this book puts things in perspective for those people right now.

How to select a pre-built turbine for your home, how to do-it-yourself from recycled materials, wind turbine design, how to mount your turbine on an RV, how to choose a location, what the best tower installations and types really are and especially, the safety precautions wind power owners should take into consideration, this book goes all out on simplifying a subject that is more than a lot of people can chew.

This 512-page hardcover was written by wind expert Paul Gipe, recently revised by Chelsea Green Publishing Company in September of 2004, measuring 10.1 x 7.9 x 1.4 and shipping at 3 pounds.

If you are interested in harnessing the wind as a renewable energyfor your business, home or farm and are looking for thirst quenching advice from a man who has been doing this for more than thirty years; Wind Power by Paul Gipe answers your call with the passion for success and a more sustainable tomorrow.