Wind Energy Handbook

Wind Energy Handbook is an academic textbook for engineers and students looking to approach this new technology from a diverse range of disciplines, fully explaining each and every nuance of an industry that is taking flight from home owner to wind farm entrepreneurs interested in building our nation in a self-reliant manner, prepared for the global community of tomorrow.

Tony Burton, David Sharpe, Nick Jenkins and Ervin Bossanyi, team up in writing an interdisciplinary approach to the technology of wind energy that paves a solid foundation for the essential knowledge necessary for the elite professional of todays competitive world.

Gauging the wind, understanding how it works and why, what creates the best pattern for a blade, different architectural methods for survey and design alternatives not yet explored, aerodynamics, land-based turbines on a horizontal axis, wind speed frequency, structure of turbulence, discussions on siting constraints and assessment, electrical power systems, power quality and stability; Wind Energy Handbook is a reference textbook that any professional from the various fields of engineering will fully understand quickly and efficiently.

What moves our professionals today is the enhanced attention of the publics eye on what will create a more sustainable and self-reliant future for the children of our nations children, and the society they will be living in a hundred years from now and this book goes all out to provide an authoritative voice that overviews it all, from why to how, in a scientific language, that is down to earth.

Each of the authors, working individually, has revolutionized the field in their own way, but when their knowledge is averaged out,into a synthesized reference text manual like this one, the total sum of knowledge far outweighs anything any of them could have produced individually, making Wind Energy Handbook the most informed and advanced text available at present, capitalizing on only the best of the best.

This 642-page hardcover written by a team of experts, published by Wiley in November of 2001, measuring 9.7 x 6.8 x 1.7, ships at 3lbs.

Wind Energy Handbook is a detailed reference text manual for the inspired student or professional, looking to take hold of the world of wind energy power and tackle the absolutely most important information and knowledge on the subject, harnessing wind energy from practical concerns, component designs, and the economical importance for a more sustainable future, starting today!