Wind Energy Basics

Wind Energy Basics brings to life all the need-to-know information on the industry of wind energy, giving special detail to micro wind turbines used by home owners, like where to buy them and how to rate them properly; this book was written for the average reader looking for their first insight into the fascinating realm of wind energy.

Paul Gipe has been around since the very beginning, when wind energy was mainly a fun hobby among backyard tinkers, till it grew into an essential tool in homestead living and has now branched out, from large scale wind farms to the ever more present home turbine for small scale renewable energy needs.

Author Paul Gipe, details the breakthroughs in efficiency, economy and adaptability for a bigger industry and how that industry has enhanced the use of small wind turbines, allowing us a more cost-effective alternative, as well as planning, siting, installation, integration into solar systems, existing systems or even about net metering.

For a long time, small scale wind turbines, micro turbines or mini wind turbines as the many names for these products go, have been used by sailboat owners and other seasteaders for energy generation, and it is only since the 90s that this more environmentally correct alternative to self-reliance and energy generation is finally reaching out to land loving consumers in an economically viable way.

With micro turbines available to the community at large, and with more media coverage as a reliable source of renewable and highly sustainable source of environmentally correct energy generation, the possibilities grow, be the homeowner on or off grid.

From graphs to beautiful illustrations that show how micro wind turbines have been in service all over the globe and continue to provide abundant energy for those they serve year after year, season after season.

This book was written as a basic introduction into wind power, and is an excellent choice for educational programs on renewable energy tech options, especially for those choosing small wind turbines as an option.

This 122-page paperback, written by Paul Gipe, published by Chelsea Green in April of 1999, measuring 9.8 x 7.8 x 0.4 and ships at 12 ounces.

Wind Energy Basics is agreat way to learn about the dramatic maturity in the realm of wind power, detailed information about mini or micro wind turbines and all the why/how possibilities for on and off-grid use, from small to large scales, with illustrations that inspire the minds eye with self-reliance, for a better tomorrow, starting today.