Wave-Energy Buoy

canada goose Wave power ramps up

click here Wave BuoyOne September twenty third the wave-power company Ocean Power Technology announced that the first commercial wave-energy buoy (wave-power generator) in Spain had been placed in the water and was ready to start doing the business of providing clean energy.

This buoy converts the motion of wave energy into electricity is at work in Santona off the northern Spanish coast.

Ocean Power Technology has been contracted for nine additional wave-energy buoys.

celine handbags These projects are expected to lead to a much stronger Powerbuoy farm.

readme This and idea, the projects that are in place, or will be in motion are contracted with the Spanish based power company Iberdrola.

Analysts believe that American power companies will take a strong interest in developing wave-energy buoys here in the United States as they see how efficiently the buoy works for Iberdrola.

Iberdrola Press Release