Quiet Revolution Turbines

Quiet Revolution produces a completely revolutionary wind turbine design with visually elegant features (excellent for visual communication) that are very artistic as well as thoroughly practical as the demand in renewable energy increases.

Quiet Revolution is an innovation company in silent wind energy turbines from XCO2; a company that has been dedicated to low carbon emission building solutions and architecture since 2000.

Quiet Revolutions turbines are aerodynamic with a vertical axis design that reduces noise and vibration to near silence.

Across the UK, support for Quiet Revolution as a preferred solution in the urban environment is becoming more and more apparent.

Quiet Revolution Ltd. looks to optimize small wind products at the point of demand, promoting and enabling wind energy as a key technology in distributing energy generation through efficiency and elegance that is cost-effective, clean, quiet and provides a long term source of energy for the here and now and preparing for the future generations to come.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

The insights gained through the work of XCO2 (specialized in low carbon energy solutions) were integrated with many of the aspects used in the QR approach.
Where wind speeds are lower and wind directions change frequently, especially in urban environments, QR may be able to produce 20-40% more energy than the conventional HAWT of similar size; already proven true in turbulent wind areas.

The three S shaped blades shed noise, the vertical axis makes it easily integrated in already existing masts in buildings, the helical twist design eliminates vibrations while capturing turbulent winds and the central compression spar is dependant on conditions.

Blades, spars, torque tube and all moving parts are well sealed to minimize maintenance and the in-line drive generator has an auto-shutdown for peak power tracking, incorporated directly into the mast.

On an architectural side, visual art is enhanced both night and day, with small LED diodes on the blades that fire as the blades rotate, allowing for an assortment of colors to appear, or even a transparent video screen (visible during the day) for advertisements or general visual communications.

Windlights and Videoscreen are both innovations that separate Quiet Revolution from other small wind turbines.