Makani Power

A company founded on creative and innovative professionals, Makani Power Inc. is dedicated to making high-altitude wind energy cheaper than coal, in 2008.

The kind of winds found at high-altitudes, are so intense that this kind of wind technology has the potential to offer the most energy available per square foot on the renewable energy market today, with the only other decent competitor being solar power.

Mah Kah Nee, makani is a Hawaiian word meaning wind or breeze, and it is a word that like the Hawaiian people, resounds in power and magic.

To show the world that subsidization only makes things more expensive, Makani Power seeks to harness only the mightiest of winds, high in the sky with revolutionary technology, revealing the true costsof renewable energies as far lower than fossil fuels are at present in 2007.

If harnessed only a fraction of the worlds high-altitude makani, the entire current global energy demands could possibly be completely met, and this group of elite professionals with creative minds and intuitive imaginations, just might be taking our civilization that much closer to touching an infinite realm of renewable energy.

Making true on the initial investment and bringing forth something that as of yet has not been done; to prove to the world that coal is more expensive than renewable energy, Makani Power Inc. is willing to go the extra mile in 2008, whose team of creative youths are filled with inspiration and passion, for a better tomorrow, starting today.

Makani Power, Inc.
2175 Monarch Street
Alameda, California 94501
Phone: 415-819-6961