Magenn Air Rotor System

Magenn Air Rotor System is the most cost-effective wind generator in the world, and the design is unlike anything else on themarket; it flies like a kite, but FLOATS LIKE A BALLOON!

[youtube uQbw8ogA_2M nolink]Flying hot-air balloons in general seems to have kind of died off due to the dangers, but what about a helium balloon that spins on an axis-rotor, generates electricity at an altitude of 1000 feet where winds are strongest all over the world?

For 2007, this is the very first year its being offered to the public at large, and considered by many to be one of the most sustainable sources of renewable energy on the planet at the moment.

The biggest reason is that Magenn Air Rotor System is cost effective. It can generate large amounts of electricity most anywhere without every harming the environment, and most importantly; closer to the end-user.

Being closer is the biggest advantage, even over the compact, easy to launch anywhere of big time media self-reliance that has become the keyword of 2007.

This makes Magenn Air Rotor System less expensive per unit of actual electrical output than competing windpower systems because current travel time takes too much electricity, making it 40 to 50 percent efficient overall.

Doubling capacity factor like that cuts the cost on every delivered watt in two.

Magenn Air Rotor System is also operable between 1 meter/sec and an excess of 28 meter/sec, conventional turbines need at least 3 meter/sec and will stop under that minimum of wind.

This helium kite will reach altitudes of between 400 and 1000 feet above ground level, is easily moveable to different locations, is easily deployable or retractable and will remain stationary at its fixed altitude collecting winds of up to 60 miles per hour easily.

Emergency deployment for disaster relief situations, military, homesteading, seasteading or just happy campers who like Internet out in the boonies, this is the toy of the future; a clean and reliable cost-effective windpower generator.

Magenn Air Rotor System is the wind energy generator for the future, collecting more energy, faster, closer and more flexibly than before, first release to the consumer in 2007.