Investing in Wind Power

Investing in wind power stock is when an individual or group, hedges money in the wind power market on some market tier based on the company or portfolio. This includes a companies ability to perform in the emerging wind power market.

Governments around the world are looking to make the move to renewable energy. It is better for the environment, plant and animal life, and the over all health of each governments population.

The earning potential is there for the wise, and patient investor. The short-term demand has caused a bottleneck that is a risk for most investors who need to get their money back to reinvest elsewhere over a shorter span of time.

However, companies, (and private investors), that have capital, (or the number of investors necessary) to financially set out the supply bottleneck, will eventually reap the reward in the long-term.

This is the potential reward of a very organized, massive positive energy trend that has caught on not only in Europe; it has caught on worldwide.

Experts feel that now is the time to invest in wind power.

Private investment firms like Blackstone, a private investment firm from the United States, are investing large sums of investment capital in the world market of renewable wind power, according to the Green Chip Stocks article on the Green Energy Bull Market.

As far as investing in wind turbine manufacturers, experts say that General Electric (NYSE: GE) and Siemens AG (NYSE: SI) are the most valuable, currently.

Europe plans on shifting, to getting twelve to fourteen percent of its energy needs from renewable energy by 2020.

Countries like Germany have invested fortunes (such as forty-seven billion Euros in building a new off shore wind power infrastructure).

The current wind power infrastructure building underway at Alpha Ventise will provide power to over five hundred thousand homes for example.

In the United States the department of Energy says that 20% of the United States energy will come from wind generators by 2030.

Companies eager to finish the transition from non-renewable energy to renewable energy are clearing many incredible technological hurdles.

Firms like Europe based ABB are creating high voltage cable to run from large offshore wind parks inland to transfer the massive amounts of energy to the regional grids.

There are companies like Gamesa (MCE: GAM) (Pink: GCTAF) with back orders set for manufacture well into 2011, and Danish company Vestas are considered to be the companies with the most potential by Green Chip Stocks.

This could represent a global shift in the focus of production of turbine and windmill shaft construction.

In the past eighteen months, Gamesa has built four production plants for wind turbines in the United States.

In China Gamesa has built three similar facilities. Also in Spain the company raised an additional two turbine plants. All of this was completed in the same time period as the American facilities within the United States.

Gamesa has room for growth. Even Green Chip says that the company has room to take on more production even though it has orders scheduled for production well into 2011.

The North American General Electric is totally booked, according to the same article. GEs website however, headlines the company’s new second contract with Invenergy Wind LLC. The contract is for one billion dollars worth of turbines to generate a clean supply of electricity that will come from the blowing wind.

Check into what minimum investment is with the wind power companies themselves or with the firms brokering these firmsstock in their portfolios to be certain that a group or individual is going to make money in the long-run.