Elastic Flutter Wind Belt

Shawn Frayne is the inventor of the Wind Belt. This is a non turbine wind generator. It is a wind generator that runs on wind current and vibrates in the stream of the wind moving a magnet that hits copper coils creating electricity.

He imagined its simple elastic flutter used on the roof of an electric car.

canada goose Ideally the car would start with some electricity to run on at first. Then the car would never run out. The elastic rubber banned that causes friction in the copper coils would snap and be replaced many times before the car would ever run out of juice.

The car could have energy still when it finally would be replaced by fashion sense or over use. This is what he imagined.

He demonstrates the inventions ability by running a fan to vibrate the rubber band, (stretched in a wooden frame), that vibrates against two copper coils. The electricity generated runs a clock, and other common house-hold items. These demos can be seen on www.youtube.com


out site Everyone who wants to build and easy wind electric generator without the added cost of purchasing a turbine could make a modification of this invention for home use.

celine handbags However, since the inventor shares his genius in good faith with the world. People should send the guy a donation for sharing.

This model could eliminate the need for an engine. Replacing blades in wind power generators with a stiff elastic band system.

This wind belt method is call the Aireo Elastic Flutter Method.