Clipper Wind

Clipper Wind is one of the fastest growing wind farm businesses in the world, catering to the Americas and Europe with clean and renewable energy for the long-term that is sustainable and self-reliant.

Through electric utilities, electric cooperatives, municipalities, corporate power consumers and landowners, Clipper Wind brings a cleaner, greener mix of power generation to the already existing grid, offering attractive long-term energy supply arrangements.

Corporate power consumers are interested in meeting their own financial, environmental, social and corporate responsibilities with cleaner, cheaper and safer generating capacities such as those offered by Clipper Wind generators.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Landowners with suitable site spots, receive long-term royalties once a Clipper Wind project goes into full operation.

Each project generates hundreds of jobs during the construction phase, and several permanent maintenance and operations jobs once going into service.

Clipper Wind provides a tailored service to the needs of each and every client, always focused on stable long-term power contracts that compete against raising fossil fuel prices.

Overuse of electrical energy is increasing,and year-by-year our planet needs to produce more power than the year before, Clipper Wind tries to reach out to those places where the future need for energy is clear to grow and offer an alternative to thermal power generation.

Landowners in rural areas will find wind farm projects a long-term revenue stream, raising property value and even attracting tourists for site seeing.

Access roads and electrical lines from each turbine channeled safely underground, all reduce the visual impact and minimize the total consumption of agriculture-harvesting space.

Clipper Wind produces one of the finest wind generators in the world, averaging 65 meters in height, 70-meter diameter blades with a sturdy 12-meter diameter tower base.

Clipper Wind machines have some of the best aerodynamics in the field, are aesthetically pleasing and developers routinely restore the surrounding landscape to its original state after construction; leaving behind a 16 foot wide gravel access roads for both the owners and maintenance crews convenience.

Clipper Wind uses the Liberty Wind Turbine, which produces 2.5 MW of power output at speeds between 9.6 and 15.5 rpm.

Wind power generation and usage is increasing around the world as the population grows, already a 9 billion U$ dollar industry by 2006 and projected to grow at an annual rate of 15-25% till 2010.

As long as petroleum based fuels control the global political scene, wind energy will continue to compete and become more profitable than traditional thermal power generation; as in many regions of the world it already is.

Renewable resources are more desirable to everyone, as are the concepts of sustainability and self-reliance, concepts that reduce the effects of global warming and the threat of climate changes.

In the US alone, wind energy has the potential to reduce US electricity needs by 20%, offering a technological trend that the world will follow.

With a vast experience of over twenty years and the latest in wind energy generating technologies, Clipper Wind has positioned itself to be a world competitor, ready and willing to help our planet deal with this renewable energy source as fast and as widely as possible.

Clipper Wind thinks of the future, plans and acts locally to help minimize the ecological footprints of our ancestors, globally.

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