Cape Wind Revival

In a move some Cape Cod residents are not in favor of Cape Wind Associates has revived their plan to build a large scale off shore wind power farm.

Cape Wind Associates is planning on building as many as one hundred and thirty wind turbines in the Nantucket Sound. The project is expected to cost in excess of nine hundred million dollars.

The Governor under pressure from local wealthy residents has threatened to block the building of thewind farm. In a move to avoid this possibility US Senate and house leaders have removed language within the bill that would give Governor Mitt Romney the ability to block the project.

The wind farm has a huge potential. The initial estimates state that the wind farm could produce enough electricity to provide over seventy percent of Cape Cod, Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard power. At maximum capacity it would produce over four hundred Megawatts and have a sustained ability to produce one hundred and twenty five megawatts.

Local residents believe the wind towers will be an eyesore and could also pose a threat to migrating birds.

It appears the battle for the wind farm will continue. The ultimate question is does the production of Alternative wind energy out weigh the rights of the local residents.

With the political power and financial firepower of local residents the proposed wind farm might get shot down. Time will tell the regulator commission is set to make their final decision in 2007.

Cape Wind