AirBreeze Land

The Air Breeze Land turbine model as been improved. The new model is quieter. The second look at the models engineering has given way to a design that produces more energy at lower wind speed. This is an improvement that surpasses all the generators of its class.

This series maybe the most purchased model in the world. More that one hundred thousand Air Breeze turbines have been purchased around the world.

The Air Breeze Land is produced by SouthWest WindPower.

The Air Breeze Land has thirty percent more blade length than previous models.

The Start up speed is six miles per hour. That translates to two point six eight meters per second.

The Land models turbine controller uses a microprocessor that has an internal regulator that tracks the output is at its apex.

Monthly the model generates thirty-eight kilowatts in wind speeds of twelve miles per hour; or in windmill terms five point four meters per second.

The model speed is rated at two hundred watts for twenty miles per hour; or twelve meters per second.

The swivel wind speed is forty-two meters per second. That is roughly one hundred ten miles per hour.

The voltage is forty-eight, twenty-four, and twelve VDC.

The model has electronic stall control to keep the system from failing by stalling out in high wind.

The art in the design reminds an observer of mini racing jets. The inverted tail is appealing, and the blades are curved to make the observer get the feel of the machine looking busy at work.

The Airbreeze Land model is an understated beautiful accent to power homes across America.